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Pull Apart Cheese Fondue Sourdough

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I promised her I was going to take the day off and enjoy the day in her honor. I haven't had the time to blog since my routine of school and work has become busier. I went to Korea town with my friend Diego and as we walked, we passed by Cobs Bread bakery and saw this beautiful sourdough! Immeadiately, I thought about doing the popular pull apart sourdough fondue. Just a few ingredients you need, find a good cheese to make the fondue, some nuts for a touch of crispiness, your favorite herbs and most importantly a good sourdough bread. I decided to go for sliced almonds, fontina cheese, spring onions, and pink peppercorn and thyme compound butter for some moisture.

What a toast!

With the left over bottom and edges, I used it as a bowl for a fried egg and breakfast sausage. Blessed!


1/4 cup Sliced almonds

Fontina Cheese

1/4 bunch Spring onions

(optional) Compound butter

1 medium Sourdough Bread

Prepartion method:

1. Pre- heat oven at 345 F

2. Slice cheese and butter, chop spring onions.

3.Cut bread into cubes! Without cutting through the bread, slice the bread horizontally and vertically at around 1 inch each.

4. Stuff the bread by placing the cheese slices into the cuts. If you'd like, you can also grate the cheese and mix your ingredients to get a more uniform stuffing. Pour compound butter on the top of the loaf, place it in a baking cheese and wrap it with tin foil. ​Bake until the cheese is completely melted.

Now the fun part, Pick a square and pull it apart!

This one is for you Mom, Happy Birthday!

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