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Hugging a Beekeeper

Getting to know your sustainable food producer can make you fall in love with your product and genuinely care about how to use it.

Although this is just my second summer in Toronto, one of the reasons why I love this season in the city is because there are a lot of events such as farmers markets and festivals where you can get to know and appreciate food producers. Last summer I worked at The Toronto Garlic Festival with Slopes of Vesuvius for Chef Marco Zambri preparing roasted garlic pizza. The annual celebration of Ontario's garlic harvest takes place at the Artscape Wychwood Barns. 20 chefs presented dishes that were inspired specifically in garlic and performed cooking demos. I'll leave information below for if you are interested in 2018 garlic celebration. You can meet farmers (selling garlic), chefs (cooking with garlic) and artists. Last year there was a wine tasting and real maple syrup vendors as well.

Speaking of syrup! This past Saturday I went with some friends to the Ryerson's Farmers Market located at Gould St, Toronto, ON M5B 1W1. An Ontario Honey Vendor totally Caught our attention, Bees are Life Honey House.

It is hard to appreciate our food sources when living in the city, especially because we don't have direct contact with the people who sources our food. Talking to the beekeeper (Privacy on name) made me fall in love with honey by letting me taste the different varieties she was offering. " It is shameful the idea of the taste of honey that the majority of people have, They don't even know that sometimes what they are buying is not even honey! It is a mix with corn syrup or rice syrup... Adultering Honey "

I love how passionate she is and how much she cares about delivering the quality of her Honey to costumers, 100% Honey. If people could have the opportunity to have contact with their food producers, everyone would start respecting and caring about the food and its producers.

Molasses, smokey, coffee, and malty flavour!

I got the McRory Buckwheat honey, From New Liskeard area of Northern Ontario. I've never tasted a honey like this one before, it has a very unique flavour and as she said " they all taste different" I can tell this is not a mass produced product. She stated that taking 1 tbsp of this honey every day helps increase the immune system since it has antimicrobial properties, it is antibacterial and it is higher in mineral content.

One of the things that amazed me the most about Bees are Life, is the passion for educating people about the plight of bees. The products of Bees are Life are made with sustainable beekeeping procedures and the products are as organics as they can be. Bees are Life are registered beekeepers with OMAFRA and Members of the Ontario Beekeepers Association and Toronto Districts Beekeepers Association. I asked if there is a store where I can buy the products ( and you can buy the products :) and Bees are Life has created a platform for Beekeepers, currently counting with products of 32 Beekeepers. Find the information below.

Beekeeper's voice:

"People tell us" " Oh your honey tastes so different, it is so sweet! "

"Stores don't want to talk to us because they all (honey) taste different.

"Honey in its purest form lasts forever"

She showed me how to use the honey dipper, otherwise, I would've just dipped it into the honey jar and probably make a mess drizzling it.​ Below is a video copying her demonstration of how to use a honey dipper.

Beeezzzz P.D: The quality of the Jar is insane, I accidentally dropped the jar and it bounced three stairs! I Starred at it for a few minutes in shock and then realized how much I appreciate that this are actually good quality Jars. Thank you Bees are Life!

Ontario Honey House:

1265 St.Clair Ave. West, Toronto


Toronto Garlic Festival 2018:

Sunday, Sept 16. 2018​​


Thank you for visiting! and "Bee back " said the Beekeeper

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