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Indian Food Sensory Evaluation

Tasting Chicken Butter and Basmati Rice.

I decided to go with this specific dish to make the sensory evaluation because I was told: "butter chicken is a crowd favorite". Since I was looking for Middle Eastern food I decided to go to Spice Indian Bistro located at 107-320 Richmond St E, Toronto ON. M5A 1P9. From the Menu, I chose" Old Dehli Style Butter Chicken served with Fluffy Basmati rice and House salad "

When I first saw the dish I immediately thought about chicken fricassee ( Cuban stewed chicken). The colors in the dish were totally familiar to other Mediterranean dishes. Thus, the texture was with no doubt something very peculiar. I could dare to describe the texture of the chicken as spongy, almost creamy. I could detect sweetness right away, the pieces of boneless chicken were covered in a dense tomato sauce. The rice was incredibly loose, it didn't stick together and had an aromatic fragrance. As Chef Hogan stated on our Theory of Food course " Flavor is influenced by the aroma of food", the rice had a herby taste. Tasting Bastami rice made me have a whole different perspective of the grain. Before tasting the rice on this dish I thought rice was just a standard "side of a dish", that it was just " rice". Bastami rice is nothing but unique, it is very delicate and has a very special aroma.

Papadum for an appetizer! Papadum is a type of bread originating from Indian Culinary traditions. When I first saw the dish, I thought about Crispy tortillas because of its appearance. Its flavor was neutral since it is made from legume flour, letting the flavors of the sauces on the side to stand out. Olive Green and deep red color combination! The contrast in the colors of the sauces was appealing to the eye, The green chutney sauce had a thicker consistency than the red sauce. The difference in taste was dramatically opposite but perfectly merged, the green chutney was sour and very tangy. In contrast, the red sauce was bittersweet and mild. What did I think about the contrast of flavors together? One word: GENIUS! I personally found the green sauce less appealing because my palate enjoys the sweet than the savory. Thus, I found the flavors of this cuisine exotic and I can't wait to discover and taste more dishes of the Middle Eastern Cuisine.

I also had the opportunity to have a short conversation about this extense cuisine with Chef Debu Saha and of course the opportunity to compliment him for such a great culinary experience which I enjoyed the most and highly recommend.

Spice Indian Bistro website Link below:


Cuban Chicken Fricassee Recipe linked below :


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