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"Eat Right Ontario" is there to answer all your healthy eating questions!


" Eat Right Ontario " (link above) is a well-known and highly credible nutrition website, that offers a variety of services such as Call toll free in which you can make a phone call and speak directly to a registered dietitian. Also, nutrition recommendations and updates, email a dietician service and diet information you can trust.

One of the most important things to look for when in doubts of nutritional facts is to choose a credible website. If you want to improve your healthy eating, and have a well-oriented diet, it is important that you know that the information given to you is true/legit.

Example of a credible nutrition website profile.

What you are looking for are websites with cited authors referring the information properly, that the author's qualifications are up to what's being written as advise or recommendations... Also, check the author's credentials because sometimes recommendations are by the side of the writer's convenience. For example the author can be a certified professional, however if the author is linked in business with a product, then I recommend you double check on research that the advise is reliable.

There is a lot of information about nutrition around the network, yet not all of it is reliable.Non credible nutrition websites content are not written by dieticians, nutritionists, or any professional in the work field. In contrast to the example above, this online source of information doesn't show credentials. And Hey it has 102k followers!


One of the most common things to do when it comes to healthy advises is to follow healthy or nutrition oriented accounts on social media. Again, there is A LOT of information around the network and social media as well and not all of it is credible!

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