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Call them " Fragoline di Bosco" in Nemi, Italy

Wild Strawberries are know as " Fragoline di Bosco" in Nemi, they literally grow wild in the woods! There's a volcanic crater under the town which preserves them with the perfect climate that babysits them while developing their exotic sweet flavour.

At this point you might be wondering "where's that place? ". Let me introduce you the crib where this wild strawberries are grown.

Last year on July 17, 2016 I got the chance to visit Nemi while on my pilgrimage to Italy. It's a small town, almost like a village and it is located close to Rome and Velletri in Italy. This place has such a peaceful vibe and has an amazing view overlooking the lake which has considered sacred since the ancient times. A volcanic lake with history behind surrounded with wild berries, doesn't it sounds magical?

If you ever get the chance to travel to Italy, don't miss out on this place! I recommend getting to know it by walking, as I mentioned before, it is a small town and you can definitely cover all the spots you would like in one day. By the way, Have you heard about the strawberry festival? May is the month for the best strawberry harvest, they celebrate this month with a parade through the town in which their local people share strawberries with their visitors and crowd, within other activities throughout the month.Visiting Nemi in May or June would be perfect to get the whole experience!

Fragoline di Bosco tart,

A classic! You can't leave Nemi without trying this tart! It isn't just a dessert, but a piece

of tradition.

You'll find such a variety of delicious and delicacies made of the locally grown berries. Jams, teas, liquors, desserts and so much more.

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