I think about good nutrition as the best way to treat yourself and the people for whom you are cooking for. If you think about it, it is also on the food that we eat that our health, mood, appearance, and energy depends on. In other words, nutrition affects the quality of our lifestyle. 

Have you heard the saying: " We are what we eat"? Well, consider this more than a quote... but a Fact!! Every single cell in our body was born because of the food we eat! And well, every day we get to choose what to eat and what to drink. !


Nutrition plays an important role in the culinary industry. In my opinion, it is important for cooks to be conscient of what they are serving, it is not just about what's in the recipe, but the quality of the whole product! From the selection of your products providers to what's on the menu. This includes the ingredients all mixed together, the portions of food that will be served and the proper combination of side dishes. Basically, To be aware of nutrition and it's importance, is to be aware of the healthy lifestyle people could be living. I remember that on my Nutrition course our Instructor was telling us about the importance of changing people's way to eat and food choices since in Canada people opt for fast food. A student disquiet replied: "Then why are we here for if people will want to opt for homemade food kind of style" The whole point of taking a nutrition course while in a Chef training program is for cooks to put that in practice as professionals in the industry, and service quality to customers.


 And if I can put that in practice in my personal life, why wouldn't I apply it to my professional life in the food industry?





                             - Marilyn Garcia



When it comes to nutrition...

What's in my five-year plan?

“So do you like to cook or do you just like the idea of having a restaurant?”

 I love it! I see myself working in a kitchen, my kitchen or someone else’s kitchen. I love to cook and to create my own recipes at home. What I’m passionate about is to discover new flavors and share my experiences.  My favorite thing to do is to buy local food, recreate recipes, discover new restaurants and share my experiences with other foodies and the world. Also, I enjoy baking and decorating pastries! I remember when I was in School, every time I wanted to bake some cupcakes or cookies my father always came up and joined, but he didn’t always just join he always ended up doing everything! I probably was doing something wrong with the recipe and he wanted me to watch and learn. I Always wondered how was he so good at it. One day he told me that my grandparent’s used to have a bakery shop and that he had to wake up every day at 4:00 am to prepare the bread for it to be fresh at the morning when they open.  I never thought about it because it is such a contrast! A son of a Baker as a Farmer, now I’m the daughter of a Farmer looking forward to becoming a chef. Knowing that my grandparent was a baker inspired me, even more, to continue to do what I love.

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